The West Cherkaschyna Tourism Cluster is located in the territory of Uman’ Raion of Cherkasy Oblast (12 territorial hromadas (communities). Its total area is 4,515 square kilometers, the population is more than 280 thousand inhabitants. We bring together tourism, hospitality and related industries professionals to create competitive tourism products and attract investment to the region.

Development Project of the West Cherkaschyna Tourist Cluster

Our tourcluster was founded on July 27, 2018 in Uman in accordance with the National Program “Tourism Clusters 300+”. The main tasks of our activity are attraction of investments in the tourist and related industries of the region, creation of competitive tourist product, provision of consultations and information support to the members of the tourcluster. We are also working on a strategy for tourism and recreational development in Western Cherkasy region.

The activity of the Tourist Cluster is managed by the NGO “West Cherkaschyna Tourism and Hospitality Association”. More information about the Association HERE.