Territory Marketing

We started this activity in 2004 in Nova Kakhovka (Khersonska Oblast). In 2005 we worked in Komsomolsk (now Horishni Plavni, Poltavska Oblast) and Novgorod-Siversky (Chernihivska Oblast). In 2017, our team has established the Uman Tomorrow Charitable Foundation and in 2018 the West Cherkaschyna Tourist Cluster, and we already have some wonderful cases in Uman, the second most important city of Cherkaska Oblast, in a very promising and interesting direction. In addition, we participated in elaboration of the Road Map of the Competitiveness of the Travel and Tourism Industry of Ukraine, commissioned by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Extensive experience in the field of consulting services shows that the success of integrated territorial development depends on several factors. The most important of these is that the local authorities understand the importance of attracting experienced professionals and are ready to cooperate and then actively participate in the implementation of the development program. No matter how good the development strategy does not involve the experts involved, it is implemented by those who reside directly in the territory. We propose a comprehensive approach where, after writing a development strategy, our experts monitor the process of infrastructure development on the ground.

We offer a range of services to increase the standard of living of locals, attract investment in infrastructure and increase the number of tourists who visit your region, city or village. We are ready to cooperate with both local authorities and united territorial communities. Our specialists will perform a full range of services – from branding and strategy writing to implementation of specific projects.

If you would like to improve living standards, attract investments and increase the flow of tourists to your area, city or village, please fill out and send us this form: