Уманська коляда

Uman Kolyada Festival Contest

Residents of the city of Uman and surrounding areas are invited to participate in the Contest: fun companies of carols, generosity and visitors of all ages, creative teams that realize their creative abilities in the field of folklore, Ukrainian music and song.

The competition will run from January 1 to January 21, 2019.

Gather a fun company of like-minded people, put on Christmas costumes, perform a ritual action (carols, generosity, sowing, up to 10 minutes long), record this process on video with any available device (camcorder, smartphone, camera), place this video on YOU TUBE and send a link to the Organizing Committee in the Application – Application Form by email.

The Organizing Committee of the Festival established a prize fund of the Contest in the form of a monetary reward (1000 UAH) for winning in each nomination:

  1. Family Rites and Customs nomination
  2. Nomination “Best Presentation of Local Folklore Tradition”
  3. Nomination “Preserving Authentic Traditions of Uman Region”
  4. Family Team nomination
  5. Nomination “Best Children’s Team”
  6. Best Theater Award nomination
  7. Best Cast Video nomination
  8. Best Vocal – Choral Performance nomination
  9. Nomination for “Best Author”
  10. Nomination “Most Massive Performance”
  11. Nominate Video (Adult) nomination
  12. “Funniest Video (Kids)” nomination
  13. Folk Music Ensemble nomination
  14. Nomination “Senior Member”
  15. Youngest Participant nomination

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