Our Team

The West Cherkaschyna Tourist Cluster brings together the best experts in tourism, hospitality, recreation and other related services. The Board includes people who have extensive experience in infrastructure and recreation development not only in Cherkaska Oblast, but throughout Ukraine and even abroad.

Alex Fainin

Public figure and entrepreneur, top international expert in tourism and hospitality, EBRD International Adviser and Expert of the European Commission. Founder of the youth hostel movement in Ukraine, author of several concepts and innovations. Worked on invitation in Cyprus and Israel. In 2018, he created the West Cherkaschyna Tourist Cluster and the West Cherkaschyna Tourism and Hospitality Association.

Liana Rodnikova
Vice President

The most experienced and qualified guide in the city of Uman, author of several tours accross the Western Cherkasy region. Co-founder of NGO "West Cherkaschyna Tourism and Hospitality Association".

Yuriy Drobilko

Member of the Uman City Council, a well-known entrepreneur, a supporter of a healthy lifestyle.

Ihor Maksymenko

Uman entrepreneur, winemaker and sommelier.

Oleksiy Masliuk

The hotelier and the public figure. He is engaged in the development of the Buky Canyon.

Khaim Khazin

A native of Israel who has received Ukrainian citizenship and lives with his family in Uman. Successful entrepreneur - has a number of hotels, gift shop, limousines, restaurants.