We are a not-profit non-governmental organization and we only work through membership contributions, grants and donations. Our goal is to create the best tourist attractive region of Ukraine in the territory of 9 districts of Cherkaska Oblast. To do this, we have assembled a team of the best professionals and welcome to our ranks the most responsible entrepreneurs in the field of tourism, hospitality and recreation and the citizens who are close to our goals.

You can also join the cause by making a charitable contribution to our bank account or corporate card. Remember that when you make a charitable contribution to the benefit of our Association, you are putting a brick in the development of Western Cherkasy region, Oblast and country as a whole.

With a charitable donation of 15000 UAH, you can get significant preferences for the development of your business:

  • Consulting and mentoring with discounts of 20-50%
  • Top priority for promoting investment and business loans
  • Priority information on our website
  • Discounts for participation in courses and activities conducted by the Tourcluster
  • Lobbying interests in the authorities
  • Logo on printed materials
  • Placement of banners on events held by the Tourkluster
  • Priority to organize a special event for your business
  • Helping the promotion of goods and services in national and international markets

You can donate to our bank accounts:

NGO «West Cherkaschyna Tourism and Hospitality Association»

IBAN UA213543470000026001051533366 for EUR

IBAN UA573543470000026008051547418 for USD

Bank: PrivatBank of Cherkasy

Bank code 354347

Association’s code 42618325

Non-profit organization