West Cherkaschyna Was Presented at the All-Ukrainian Guide Forum

February 19, 2020 in Kyiv, with the support of the Office of Tourism and Promotion of the Kyiv City State Administration, held an annual forum of tourist guides. It was organized by the public association “All-Ukrainian Association of Guides”.

In total, 170 guides from all regions of Ukraine participated in the forum. The forum has traditionally been held on the eve of International Tour Guide Day, which has been celebrated around the world since 1990 on 21 February. Prior to this date, national associations and federations of qualified guides hold congresses, forums, seminars and other professional activities that promote the development of excursion.

The participants of the forum were greeted by Marina Radova, Head of Tourism and Promotions Department of Kyiv City State Administration, thanking for fruitful cooperation in 2019 and announcing plans for 2020:

“On the eve of the holiday, I want to acknowledge the good things you do and be presented with a certificate of partnership with the KSCA.”

Oleksandr Fainin, one of the founders of the West Cherkaschyna tourist cluster, shared information on how to guide tourists with tourism clusters.

Liana Rodnikova, guide, specialist of the Department of Inclusive Social Rehabilitation Tourism of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Uman City Council it is about the economy of impressions. In addition to conducting excursions around Uman, as an employee of the only branch of inclusive social-rehabilitation tourism in Ukraine today, I also organize special tours. When it comes to hearing impaired people, in our excursions we focus on the ability to see or smell, taste, touch what we are talking about. In stories for the visually impaired, we focus on the musical component of the excursion, the tactile sensations. Therefore, the theme of the economy of impressions is extremely relevant and relevant, it proves: tourism opportunities are endless, they are for everyone. Because, because of the impression, a person knows the world, becomes a patriot of his Ukraine and sees that it is not necessary to go to Egypt – and there is something to see in Ukraine. ”

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