Oleksandr Fainin Passed the First Round of the Competition for the Position of Head of State Tourism

West Cherkaschyna Tourism Cluster President, EBRD International Advisor, and European Commission Expert for Tourism Oleksandr Fainin is one of the candidates for the post of Chairman of the State Tourism Development Agency. After the first round of the competition, which took place on January 28 in the premises of the National Civil Service Agency, out of 26 candidates for this position, there are 15. Among the remaining, according to Oleksandr Fainin, only seven are related to tourism, and the other eight candidates are nominated for any senior civil servant position, regardless of their field of activity and their responsibilities.

“I very much hope that the competition and interviews with the Commission and the Minister will give the opportunity to occupy this position to a person who is responsible for the development of the tourism industry itself, increasing its share in the GDP of the country and most in line with the moral and ethical principles of a high-ranking civil servant. I think my chances of winning are pretty good, because I have extensive experience managing international and national level projects and a specific vision for the industry,” – says Mr. Fainin.

It should be reminded that the Verkhovna Rada adopted the State Budget of Ukraine for 2020, in which UAH 240 million is allocated for the development of the tourism industry.

INFORMATION. The State Tourism Development Agency of Ukraine (State Tourism) is a central executive body, whose activity is directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports and which implements the state policy in the sphere of tourism and resorts (except for the state supervision (control) in the sphere of tourism and resorts).

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