TC “West Cherkaschyna” Takes Care of Did Panas Problem

TC “West Cherkaschyna” Takes Care of Did Panas Problem

There are many interesting attractions for guests and residents on the territory of the West Cherkaschyna Tourist Cluster. Of course, the most interesting things are concentrated in Uman. One of these attractions was Did Panas and Taras Workshop, located on the territory of the State Historical and Architectural Reserve “Old Uman”. The Workshop was a must visit during the city tour, it was interesting for both children and adults. We have organized an excursion to the Workshop for all the distinguished guests of our events – participants of the 1st Uman Tourism Forum, Western Cherkassy Region Travel Fair, German expert Hans-Ulrich Trosien, etc.

It so happened that due to a number of circumstances the Workshop was liquidated and all agreements with Did Panas (Mykola Dehtyarchuk) were terminated. Let’s not go into detail, because the Old Uman Reserve is one of the partners of our Tourcluster.

However, in our opinion, Uman has lost one of the most striking tourist interactive attractions. The territory of TC “Western Cherkaschyna” is not only the city of Uman, but also 8 rayons of the region! The main purpose of our activity is to protect the rights of the Tourcluster’s participants and to increase the volume of the general tourist flow. Therefore, we are committed to addressing the preservation of the Workshop. We have several options and we will offer Mr. Dehtyarchuk the best of them. Keep up with the news.

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