Anna Romanova presented “21 Steps Toward a Strong Tourism Industry”

On August 27, 2019, at the Verkhovna Rada Committees, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Tourism, Resorts and Recreation, Anna Romanova, completed her deputy cadence with the presentation of the vision “21 Steps Towards a Strong Tourism Industry”. During the presentation, the participants learned about the state of the tourism industry now, about the most pressing issues that hinder the development of the industry, and about ways to solve these problems. In particular, Ms. Romanova emphasized that Ukraine ranks low in many world rankings: 88th in the rating of attractiveness for tourists, 71st in the rating of tourist service, 78th in the rating of international openness, 98th in the rating of ecological status and 124 -e for investment in tourism. In her FB account, Anna Romanova noted that the barriers that hinder tourism development in Ukraine remain the same for four to five years. First of all, according to the MP, it is connected with inefficiency of work of the executive power both central and local.

Anna Romanova introduced two MPs from the “Sluga Narodu” faction, who will take care of tourism issues in the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation. This is Lisa Bogutska and Dmitry Naletov. The MPs promised to continue working on the program and directions that Anna Romanova had worked on over the past five years.

Representatives and experts of the tourism industry from many regions of Ukraine were invited to the presentation. The West Cherkaschyna Tourist Cluster was attended by President Alexander Fainin and Vice President Liana Rodnikova. According to Mr. Fainin, the best and most effective expert group is currently being formed, which, with the support of the newly elected MPs and the future government, can raise the tourism industry of Ukraine much higher.

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